AI: more than human – I mean, you’d hope so…

This week became a bit muddled when almost every timed activity (meetings, telephone conferences, telephone calls) got rearranged or cancelled. I don’t mind really, (I like the feeling of time recovered to be wasted on something else) but one thing that happened was a visit to the @BarbicanCentre to look at the AI exhibition, AI: more than human. I want to use AI to change lighting at Unpleasantville Live, so it was good to see how other people are using this technology. It’s an interesting and entertaining exhibition, linking AI to humanity’s long history of trying to create intelligent life (something we’re a bit short of!). If you remember early Aibos and Rhoombas then it’ll make you slightly nostalgic, but there’s also exhibits about using AI to maximise plant growth to comfort you, and AI driven weapons to disturb you.

There’s a room there built by @teamLab_net Tokyo which basically uses the technology to do everything I want to do with Unpleasantville Live, although their video, graphics and music are all very beautiful and calming, rather than what I have in mind. The movements of the audience change the projections on the walls, but that doesn’t do it any justice, as it’s elegant and fascinating, and I highly recommend it. Visit if you can!

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